How Can Yoga Therapy Help Me?

By applying yoga’s tools in a manner that is comfortable, appropriate for daily practice, and is specifically designed for your situation and goals, yoga therapy can help you:

Practices may be short, 10 minutes 2-3 times per day up to 45 minutes per day depending upon the student’s needs and goals. Short evening practices may also be taught.

The postures may be done laying down in bed, sitting in a chair, or standing. They range from simple breathing exercises with no movement, gentle movements coordinated with breath, or more vigorous, intense movements, also coordinated with breath. All breathing instruction is based upon the student’s initial comfort levels.

"Working with Anita has provided me tools to improve my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Anita uses her vast knowledge as well as her intuition to design practices that are accessible to my level and also encourage me to grow and develop my practice. She has tremendous empathy and compassion which make her a wonderful healer. I am grateful to know and learn from Anita."

Michele Murphy

When you commit to change and take appropriate action based upon your needs, yoga therapy has the potential to make you: